Chicago Confirms First Case of Measles

As an outbreak of measles linked to several California Disney theme parks mounts, other states are also seeing measles appear. This week, for instance, a suburb of Chicago has announced its first case of the year.
Measles (Associated Press)

Measles Outbreak Spreads: 87 Cases, 7 States, Plus Mexico

California and California-related cases of the measles now total 87, excluding any outside the state that have no known link to the December Magic Kingdom outbreak. California Department of Public Health officials have updated the known extent of the spread that now spans seven states and Mexico.
Costco (Associated Press)

Measles Panic Spreads at Bay Area Costco, Walmart

A Costco location in Gilroy, California is one of the latest sites exposed to the measles outbreak that began at Disneyland in mid-December. A measles-infected shopper visited the store while contagious, according to a Santa Clara County health official and NBC News Bay Area.
Brittany Maynard (Maynard family / Associated Press)

CA Legislators Push Aid-In-Dying Bill

Inspired by the case of Brittany Maynard, the 29-year-old California woman terminally ill with brain cancer who moved to Oregon to commit suicide legally, two California lawmakers have introduced a bill to permit assisted suicide.

CA Measles Outbreak Expands: 51 People Confirmed Sick

An outbreak of measles thought to have originated in Anaheim's Disneyland amusement park earlier this week has now expanded throughout Southern California, with 45 cases now confirmed in the state and an additional six cases confirmed in three other states and Mexico.
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Man in Mysterious Coma for 12 Years Was Aware of Everything Around Him

When Martin Pistorius was 12 years old, an unknown serious illness caused him to fall into a coma, where he remained for the next 12 years. Despite his poor prognosis, his family continued to care for him, not knowing their son could hear them and was aware of all that was happening around him. Now, he has written a book about that experience.

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