Republicans Don't Idolize Their Leaders

In response to Yes, President Bush Was A Sexy Symbol To Some:

Yes, I read your post and answered it directly.

You asked if President Bush was the right’s presidential sex symbol and I said, no he wasn’t considered a sex symbol on the right. Women didn’t “swoon” over him. Reporters – even friendly ones would never have dreamed of asking Laura Bush what it was like being married to a sex symbol. Because he simply wasn’t considered one.

And that’s the difference between the Democrats and Republicans. Democrats tend to idolize their leaders and we don’t. We certainly don’t have “sex dreams” about them as some Democrats have confessed they’ve had about the last two Democrat presidents.  And that’s normal and healthy of us. I would never want to see the right emulating the left’s bizarre, mob-like behavior – fanatically worshiping our political leaders.

 As Ann Coulter so aptly put it in her excellent book, Demonic:

The mob characteristic most gustily exhibited by liberals is the tendency to idolize their political leaders, while considering “as enemies all by whom [their beliefs] are not accepted.”
The creation of an idol is textbook mob behavior. Crowds, Le Bon says, can only grasp the “very simple and very exaggerated.”

Considering GW Bush a “man’s man” because he likes to ride horses and clear brush at the ranch doesn’t really fall into this category.

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