Democrats Mock Kashkari, Claim Tea Party Beating Wall Street in GOP Fight

Democrats Mock Kashkari, Claim Tea Party Beating Wall Street in GOP Fight

Neel Kashkari’s dismal showing in the most recent Field Poll of the California governor’s race, which shows that he trails conservative Tim Donnelly by 14 points, provided an opportunity for state Democrats to ridicule the former George W. Bush administration treasury official, according to a report in the Contra Costa Times.

One California Democratic spokesman mocked Kashkari’s performance: “The battle royal between the Wall Street and tea party wings of the Republican Party is well underway, but with less than 60 days to go, it appears Tim ‘Tea Party’ Donnelly has ‘Wall Street’ Neel Kashkari on the ropes.”

Keeping a stiff upper lip, Kashkari told a group of Rotary Club members that “winning as a Republican in California will be very hard but not impossible.” Kashkari went on to say that his epiphany to run for Governor was when the Democrats in California won their legislative supermajorities in 2012. “I said, ‘Someone has to fight to turn this around,’ and I looked around the state and I didn’t see a bench.”

The Field Poll has  Governor Brown garnering 57 percent of likely voters in June’s upcoming primary while 17 percent support Donnelly whose campaign started months before Kashkari’s,  3 percent support Laguna Beach Mayor Andrew Blount, 2 percent support Kashkari and 20 percent remain undecided.

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