CA Dems Announce 'Gun Violence Restraining Order,' Could Include DUI Convictions

CA Dems Announce 'Gun Violence Restraining Order,' Could Include DUI Convictions

In response to the immediate push for more gun control following three stabbing deaths and three shooting deaths in Santa Barbara, two Democrats in California’s State Assembly are considering “gun violence restraining orders” that could led to bans on gun ownership for persons convicted of Driving Under the Influence (DUI).

According to The Christian Science Monitor, on May 27 assembly members Nancy Skinner (D-15) and Das Williams (D-37) “announced their plans” to introduce a new mental health-based gun control measure called a “gun violence restraining order.” 

The new gun control would put a mechanism in place where legal gun owners–who have passed NCIS background checks, registered their firearms with the state, and not broken the law–can have their guns confiscated if a family member believes they have a mental health problem of which the state is not aware. 

It would provide an avenue through which “a family member could petition the court to temporarily remove firearms from a person they think poses a credible risk of harm to himself or others.”

The idea for “gun violence retraining orders” is part of a recommendation from the Consortium for Risk-Based Firearm Policy which also suggests firearm prohibitions for other “risk factors”–including “drug or alcohol abuse (linked to DUI convictions or misdemeanors involving a controlled substance).”

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