Facebook's Sheryl Sandberg: Sexy Working Moms are Bad for America

Facebook's Sheryl Sandberg: Sexy Working Moms are Bad for America

Sheryl Sandberg, the 44 year-old feminist COO of Facebook, thinks she has figured out one of the reasons why there has never been a women president and why there’s no affordable childcare and why the word “bossy” was invented and why women only make up 5% of fortune 500 CEOs and why women only make up 3% of creative directors and why women only make up 18% of Congress and why women only make up 4% of serial killers and 11% of presidential assassins and 4.7% of jock itch-sufferers…

Sexy Mamas on TV, specifically in advertising:

Either we continue marketing in ways that perpetuate stereotypes or, instead, we can use messages that educate and empower. We can continue to accept images of women being sexualized and subjugated or replace them with images of women with agency and power. Marketing more effectively to women will improve the bottom line of our companies–and lead to greater equality in our society. …

We are already seeing brands and advertisers who understand this and are achieving great success. … The women are not posed in sexy business attire climbing ladders in stilettos. They are not carrying crying babies in briefcases or eating sad desk salads. They are working moms, military women and bosses, with real bodies, real families, raising real children. We also include photos of men in the home who have chosen to be primary caregivers. We update this library monthly, with a simple goal of providing alternatives for creative directors and brands that are looking for authentic storylines that depict real women.

Let’s face it, Leftists will not be happy until joyless, bitter feminists (of both sexes) run everything and all the men have all been reduced to squealing little metrosexuals who know their place, raise the kids, carry a murse, and walk and talk like Johnny Depp in those “Pirates of the Caribbean” movies.  

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