Elliot Rodger's Dad Describes Son's Pistols as 'Automatic,' Wishes Police Had Seized Him

Elliot Rodger's Dad Describes Son's Pistols as 'Automatic,' Wishes Police Had Seized Him

On June 27, ABC News aired Barbara Walters’ interview with Peter Rodger, father of Santa Barbara alleged killer Elliot Rodger. The elder Rodger said his son’s guns were “automatic,” and he wished police would have seized his son before the May 23 attack was carried out.

According to ABC News, Rodger said he received an email from his son “which contained a menacing 137-page diary entitled ‘My Twisted World'” just hours before the attacks. He said the email was also copied to Elliot’s “mother, life coach, and others,” and it made him want to “talk reason” with his son, but the attacks took place before he could.

Peter Rodger “does not blame the police,” but he wants laws changed to require police to check and see if an individual owns guns before doing a welfare check on them. He feels regret that police did not know to seize Elliot when they did an April 30 welfare check on him at his mother’s request.

Said Peter: “If they do a gun check, they would know that Elliot had bought three automatic weapons. They would have the right to seize him for 24 hours, and his whole scheme would have been over and thwarted.”

On May 24, Santa Barbara County Sheriff Bill Brown described Elliot’s weapons as semi-automatic handguns, all of which were legally purchased.


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