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Murrieta Assemblywoman to Jerry Brown: 'What's the Strategy' for Illegal Aliens?

Murrieta Assemblywoman to Jerry Brown: 'What's the Strategy' for Illegal Aliens?


California Assemblywoman Melissa Melendez (R-Lake Elsinore), who represents the city of Murrieta in the state Legislature, sent a letter to Governor Jerry Brown on Wednesday, calling on him to provide resources and a timetable as to when the federal government will stop transporting illegal aliens to the already overwhelmed city.

“My plea to the governor is to find out what the end date is… What’s the strategy?” she wrote in the letter:

I ask this so that the people of Murrieta can, at the very least, get an idea as to how long these neighborhoods will serve as the pit of such an increasing ignominious, international affair. Our constituents did not ask for this and have not yet received their most basic expectation of representative government.

On Wednesday evening, the federal government announced it had canceled a scheduled Thursday flight to bring the next round of illegal aliens to San Diego, and that all future flights and transportation to Murrieta had been canceled. However, the government has canceled the same flights in the past, only to have them resume a week later

Assemblywoman Melendez told Brown that Murrieta’s problems are urgent, despite the newly canceled flights.

“Right now we need the resources to handle what’s going on,” she wrote. “Local government, including the County of Riverside, the City of Murrieta, and its surrounding municipalities, were not given the time or resources necessary to prepare to service such a massive influx.”

Nancy Ward, chief deputy director of the Governor’s Office of Emergency Services, responded with a written statement, according to the Sacramento Bee:

While this situation remains the primary responsibility of the federal government, our office continues to work closely with both federal and local law enforcement officials. In fact, long before today’s press conference, local (California Highway Patrol) officers assisted with limited crowd and traffic control at the request of local officials. We will continue to offer assistance to local law enforcement as it’s needed.

Busloads of illegal aliens began arriving in Murrieta on July 1, although since then, anti-illegal immigration protesters have succeeded in turning away three rounds of buses headed for the Murrieta Border Patrol Station. In addition to the efforts of anti-illegal immigrant protesters, the area has drawn a vocal group of pro-immigration protesters, including members of La Raza and the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA.

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