China Plots 'Avatar' Like Blockbuster to Promote Cultural Past

China Plots 'Avatar' Like Blockbuster to Promote Cultural Past

James Cameron’s Avatar set new standards for both box office appeal and the power of 3D filmmaking.

The epic also allowed the eco-friendly auteur to embed his environmental activism into the narrative.

Will China’s answer to Avatar do the same?

The Hollywood Reporter says a Chinese film company is prepping a new feature meant to compete with Cameron’s film while touting the glories of Chinese culture.

Titled Bainiaoyi, the movie is based on the folklore of the Zhuang ethnic minority, a culture designated with national heritage importance by the Chinese Ministry of Culture.

Xinhua says the plot will revolve around a young man named Guka who tries to find the “bainiaoyi” — a magical piece of clothing — to help him defeat an evil dragon plaguing the Zhuang people….

Zhao Song, general manager of Beijing Chinese Century Media Company, said: “The goal of our team is to make Bainiaoyi an epic [Asian] romantic fantasy movie that can rival Avatar.”

Zhao added that he hopes that Bainiaoyi will become the best movie representation of Chinese classical culture ever released globally.