2nd Amendment Advocates: New CA Law Would Open Door to Broad Firearm Confiscation

2nd Amendment Advocates: New CA Law Would Open Door to Broad Firearm Confiscation

On August 4, Breitbart News reported that AB 1014–the legislation containing “Gun Violence Restraining Orders”–stalled in the California Senate Appropriations Committee. 

While gun control proponents are suggesting they will amend the legislation and bring it back for a vote as soon as possible, 2nd Amendment advocates warn that the bill broadens confiscation laws too much and “throws [away] the idea of innocent until proven guilty.”

According to CBS Sacramento, the California Association of Federal Firearms Licensees’s (CAL FFL) Craig Deluz argues that AB 1014 is just another step toward crippling 2nd Amendment rights.

Deluz said if the bill were passed, “a disgruntled family member or law enforcement [personnel] or medical professional can basically go to court and have your gun rights taken away.”

Proponents of the bill say it’s needed to stop people with mental problems. But as Breitbart News reported on August 4, University of California, Davis professor and psychiatrist Amy Barnhorst said AB 1014 would also work “in cases where involuntary hospitalization can’t be used.” This would include “an angry guy who’s prone to rages when he fights with his wife.”

Consider the fact that AB 1014 could also result in firearm confiscation for people convicted of driving under the influence, and CAL FFL’s concerns are not unfounded. 

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