California Pharma Firm to Offer Royalty-Free Licenses for Ebola Research

California Pharma Firm to Offer Royalty-Free Licenses for Ebola Research

LOS ANGELES — A local pharmaceutical research company, MMRGlobal, plans to offer its antibody technology to universities conducting research on the Ebola virus without charging them royalties for licensing fees.

“In light of the humanitarian crisis from Ebola and other diseases, MMR plans on granting these licenses for research into the development of these and other biotech assets to create treatments for Ebola and other diseases,” said MMR CEO Robert K. Lorsch, in a statement to be released later Tuesday morning.

MMR holds a variety of patents throughout the world “for the development and use of therapeutics through production of specific monoclonal antibodies,” the company says, which the body uses to fight disease. The company owns proprietary technology for “Human Framework Reassembly (HuFR)” components that, MMR says, reduce some side effects that are typically produced when the body encounters foreign substances.

The 2014 Ebola outbreak has already claimed hundreds of lives in West Africa, and has begun to create anxiety in the U.S. as well, given extensive travel networks and the deadly and highly contagious nature of the disease.

The company hopes that by granting royalty-free licenses to its technology, it can help fight Ebola’s advance.

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