Oakland Speed Protesters Arrested: Ferguson Meets ‘Fast and Furious’

Oakland Speed Protesters Arrested: Ferguson Meets ‘Fast and Furious’

Several CHP units arrived at the Port of Oakland to break up an illegal “side show” on Wednesday night that got out of hand when 150 cars blocked a main thoroughfare so that some drivers could participate in an illegal “exhibition of speed.”

The drivers spun their cars around wildly, “fast and furious style,” while onlookers risked their lives as at least one car careened into the crowd. The CHP were in the Oakland area to assist Police who were patrolling the protests. It was the third night for demonstrators in Oakland who were responding to a Ferguson grand jury verdict that ruled a police officer would not be indicted for the death of an 18-year-old African American man.

CHP Officer Daniel Hill said that the incident on Maritime Street between Seventh and West Grand avenues resulted in the CHP citing dozens of vehicles and confiscating a number of guns. Several participants were arrested. 

SFGate reported that the CHP plans on making many more arrests after reviewing videos from a CHP aircraft.