County Supervisors Push Cell Phone Ban to End ‘Distracted Walking’

People walking while using cell phones
Ableimages/Getty Images

San Manteo County Supervisors voted unanimously Tuesday in favor of a draft resolution for a cell phone ban designed to end “distracted walking.”

The resolution will now be forwarded to state lawmakers.

The Mercury News reports that the ban was the brainchild of Supervisor David Canepa, who believes prohibiting cell phone use in crosswalks would result in “lives … saved.”

He introduced a draft resolution for the ban and pointed to an Ohio State University study that found approximately “1,500 pedestrians were treated in emergency rooms in 2010 for injuries due to cellphone-related distracted walking.” And in California, “892 pedestrians were killed on roadways” in 2016, which accounted for nearly one of four roadway deaths in the state.

The draft resolution also cited a National Safety Council report, which said it is “just as important to walk cell free as it is to drive cell free.”

The San Francisco Examiner reported that Canepa responded to the passage of his resolution by expressing confidence that state lawmakers will ban the use of cell phones in crosswalks.

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