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Rising Economic Power Means Women Will Dominate Silicon Valley

Media observers are claiming that Ellen Pao’s loss in her $160 million gender discrimination claims against her former venture capitalist employer Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byer means a dark future for women in Silicon Valley. But women already control 36 percent of small businesses, hold 50 percent of all management positions and account for 60 percent of college students. With rising economic power, women seem destined to eventually dominate Silicon Valley and much of American business.
Salinas #BlackLivesMatter protest (Screenshot / KSBW)

More #BlackLivesMatter Protesters Arrested for Blocking Local Highway

Protesters are still intent on keeping the "#BlackLivesMatter" movement going strong, taking their demonstrations to California's Central Coast region.. This Saturday, eight protesters were arrested after they blocked all four lanes of a Highway 1 and walked towards oncoming traffic in Monterey, California.
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Tech Lessons from Israeli Elections

In an analysis of how the recent Israeli election was shaped by the use of mobile media, Israeli startup notable Gilad Bechar, who helps startups Microsoft Accelerator, The Technion, Tel-Aviv University and Unit 8200, writes at TechCrunch.com that the next U.S. elections will be influenced far more by mobile media than the standard practice of shaking hands and kissing babies--a prospect that should delight Silicon Valley.
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Royce to Stephanopoulos: Bombing Iran Might Be Only Option

With news of a "provisional" nuclear agreement reached in Switzerland between Iran and the P5+1 powers this weekend, House Foreign Affairs Committee Chair Rep. Ed Royce (R-CA) appeared on ABC News' This Week on Sunday where he said the failure of the Obama Administration to negotiate a reasonable deal with the Iranian regime has been a direct factor in raising the likelihood that the United States will need to use military force against Iran.
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Woman Passes Out In Middle of SD Highway 805

A 25-year-old female student from San Diego State University passed out while driving early Friday morning, leaving her black Chrysler Sebring stopped in the middle of I-805 near Kearny Mesa around 1 a.m. while, miraculously, other cars speeding by managed
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Vietnamese Votes Beat Latino No-Shows in OC Supervisor Race

It turns out that who isn’t voting may have just as much, or more, to do with who wins an election that who does vote. Certainly that was the case in the recent special election in Orange County to fill the vacated First District Supervisor seat, created when Supervisor Janet Nguyen was elected last November to the California State Senate, vacating her county position.
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Potential McCain Challenger Kelli Ward: Widespread ‘Dissatisfaction’ with McCain Job Performance Among Arizonans

Rising star in Arizona, State Senator Kelli Ward, took time out of her busy late season legislative schedule to give Breitbart’s Matthew Boyle an exclusive interview on the weekly Breitbart News Saturday radio program. Buzz over fresh political leader Ward grows daily with talk that she is the "David" considering taking on threatened political "Goliath," U.S. Senator John McCain, in the 2016 primary election.
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Democrat Toni Atkins Leads California Trade Mission to Cuba

Following intensive efforts from U.S. President Obama to re-establish relations and the flow of commerce with the communist nation Cuba, nine Democrat California legislators along with academics and state agricultural representatives are making a pilgrimage to the notoriously oppressive nation.
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Silicon Valley: Dot-com 2.0 Crash Looms as VC Tech IPOs Dwindle

Earlier this week, Breitbart News broke described how hedge funds paid too much for venture investments and are actually losing money on many public offerings. Now a new report by pitchbook.com called "Are IPO down rounds to blame for dearth of VC tech IPOs?" reveals that the number of venture-backed tech companies seeking to go public is dwindling to a trickle. If the initial public offering (IPO) window closes, Silicon Valley could face a Dot-com Crash Version 2.0.

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