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Toxic: People Head For The Exits As Obama Speaks At Campaign Rally In Maryland

Oct 19, 2014 8:05 PM PT

Multiple media sources are reporting that at a campaign rally in Maryland, Sunday, crowds dispersed early as President Obama made an appearance in support of Lieutenant Governor Anthony Brown, the Democratic candidate for governor. Reportedly, within ten minutes of his speech, people started stampeding toward the exits causing a "traffic jam."

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Foreign Affairs

United States of Hollywood Diplomacy #sarcasm

Oct 19, 2014 6:45 PM PT

I figured it out. America is now engaged in Hollywood diplomacy. #Diplomacy was a 140 character failure so now we have a TV drama to demonstrate a successful Secretary of State aka Madame Secretary fighting against Iran and our enemies around the globe. Apparently when Iran and other enemies see first run episodes or on DVR they will figure out they've lost and capitulate to our way of thinking.

It's brilliant and you don't have to spend all that time with your head in the sand which makes it difficult to breathe. Probably the greatest danger we face with this type of diplomacy is a bad translation so our language experts better be on their best game.

How come America didn't catch on to the sheer brilliance of this administration and the former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton who traveled over 1,000,000 miles just to get to Hollywood.

Maybe they can write in a grandchild watch just to keep up with recent events.

That's all for now from the "sarcasm, just one more service that I offer" editorial.


Movie review: 'Fury'

Oct 19, 2014 3:06 PM PT

The new World War II tank film "Fury" is a paint-by-numbers war film, but it uses a fairly high grade of paint.  The cast is solid, and the tank battle set pieces are thrilling stuff. 

Beneath its armor of Brad Pitt leading a group of recognizable faces (and a somewhat difficult-to-recognize Shia LaBeouf, clinging to his big post-meltdown comeback role with a white-knuckled grip) hums an off-the-shelf plot motor: wet-behind-the-ears baby-faced New Guy is thrust into a seasoned company of veterans on their biggest, toughest mission ever.  In this case, the New Guy appears to be about fourteen years old, causing Pitt's battle-hardened tank commander to bark in disbelief when they're first introduced.  "I was trained to type sixty words a minute," whines New Guy as he plops down behind a machine gun and discovers he can't even bring himself to pump a few rounds into ostensibly dead Nazis, just to make sure they're dead.  We all know that's not gonna last.

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Military Preps 30 Person Ebola "Quick Strike Team"

Oct 19, 2014 12:47 PM PT

Comprised of 30 members, including 5 doctors, 20 nurses and 5 trainees with the capability to deploy within 72 hours, the military is setting up an Ebola "Quick Strike Team" tasked with providing "direct treatment to Ebola patients inside the United States."

The concept is said to have come out of Obama's recent White House meeting, one in which reports had him berating staff for an inadequate response to the growing crisis around Ebola.

The Pentagon has been working to determine what assistance it could offer the civilian health care sector following a White House meeting last week during which President Barack Obama said he wanted a more aggressive response, according to two Defense officials.

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The Ebola Outbreak Is Now Raging Through The Mid-Terms

Oct 19, 2014 9:20 AM PT

The Hill said it over four days ago, "Ebola has become the October surprise of this year’s midterm elections, with Democrats and Republicans doing battle over everything from restrictions on travel to the disposal of a victim’s remains."

ABC followed suit soon after and now it's  leading the news around the states, from Georgia, "Georgia is Ground Zero in Ebola debate" to last night's debate in Iowa, "Candidates grab Ebola as a new campaign issue" and beyond. In the political press, headline after headline is putting Ebola front and center in this year's mid-term elections.

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All The Experts Agree With Obama, Part 6,372

Oct 18, 2014 12:04 PM PT

In his Weekly Radio Address, Saturday, President Obama continued his longstanding practice of justifying unpopular policy decisions by claiming the "experts" agree with him.   There can be no-travel ban for West African countries infected with Ebola --- because "medical experts" tell him that would be a bad idea.

"We can’t just cut ourselves off from West Africa, where this disease is raging," said the man who only a month ago told us it was "unlikely" Ebola would ever reach our shores.  "Our medical experts tell us that the best way to stop this disease is to stop it at its source-before it spreads even wider and becomes even more difficult to contain. Trying to seal off an entire region of the world-if that were even possible-could actually make the situation worse," Obama continued. "It would make it harder to move health workers and supplies back and forth. Experience shows that it could also cause people in the affected region to change their travel, to evade screening, and make the disease even harder to track."

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Obamacare Customers Afraid to Use Benefits Due to Sky-Sigh Deductibles

Oct 18, 2014 6:07 AM PT

It must have pained the New York Times to publish its article about how many ObamaCare customers fear to make use of their taxpayer-subsidized, hyper-regulated benefits because the deductibles are so high.  It's a devastating indictment of the Affordable Care Act, cutting deep into the very small number of Americans who actually find the ACA somewhat useful.  

Not only does ObamaCare have low approval ratings from the American public at large, it doesn't even score well among the group it was nominally intended to benefit most directly, the uninsured.  We hear a lot from ObamaCare defenders about how all of the expense, confusion, and abject failure of the program are worthwhile, because some number of people who formerly lacked insurance now have it.  That argument drifts into the stratosphere of lunacy once a rational observer backs out the number of "newly insured" who are actually enrolled in the ancient, insolvent, and inadequate welfare program known as Medicaid, and computes the cost per person who picked up real health insurance due to the ACA - it would have been far cheaper to simply hand each of those people a card that says "get all the medicine you want from any doctor you want, free, for life."  

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Rep. Scalise Calls Democrat Ebola Spending Cuts Attacks 'Ludicrous'

Oct 17, 2014 6:54 PM PT

In response to Democrats blaming Ebola on 'budget cuts' should be their downfall:

I like the way John Hayward thinks, but of course, the idea that the Republican establishment would even consider a "tea party" messaging blitz calling for spending cuts at the CDC and NIC in the midst of an Ebola outbreak, this close to an election, is a bit of a pipe dream. 

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Democrats and Teachers Unions Putting Education in Play for Mid-Terms

Oct 17, 2014 5:55 PM PT

It hasn't been getting much attention until now, but quietly across various states - and now via un-earned media coverage - Democrats are looking to use education as a means of turning out an otherwise lethargic base. 

Time detailed the strategy on October 14.

The National Education Association (NEA), the nation’s largest teachers union, is on track to spend between $40 million and $60 million this election cycle, while the smaller American Federation of Teachers (AFT) plans to pony up an additional $20 million—more than the organization has spent on any other past cycle, including high-spending presidential election years.

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