How An Israel-Based Company Seeks To Shape The Future Of Mobile Gaming

AP Photo/J Pat Carter

Inc. reports: Jonathan Swerdlow is a passionately curious person. Since childhood, he would open up every new toy he received to see how the mechanism worked inside.

From a very young age, he showed a lot of interest in technology and entrepreneurship, always trying to hack, break apart, and rebuild different devices.

It is no coincidence that Swerdlow thus created GamyTech, an Israel-based iGaming company that seeks to shape the future of mobile gaming. Swerdlow founded his first real online business when he was 16 years old. He created an e-commerce website dedicated to shipping books overnight and successfully penetrated the market with a proclivity to find the next best idea.

What sparked Swerdlow’s desire to get into gaming?

“When Draw Something became one of the biggest hits on the App Store, I realized I wanted to create something similar,” said Swerdlow. “I enjoyed playing with my friends so much that I wanted to leave my carbon print on all mobile games. So I co-founded a company focusing on bringing a more exciting social aspect to mobile game developers and consumers.”

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