Ex-PM Barak Claims Netanyahu On His Way Out

The Jerusalem Post reports: Former prime minister Ehud Barak issued a scathing attack Wednesday on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, accusing him of being a weak and paranoid leader of a government that harms the security of the state.

Speaking at an event of the anti-Netanyahu organization Darkenu in Rishon Lezion, Barak accused Netanyahu of making decisions based on his own personal considerations, rather than the good of the country. Barak said Netanyahu’s continued rule was the “sparks of Fascism.”

“The countdown to the end of Netanyahu’s tenure has begun, and I think he understands that,” Barak told the crowd.

Barak blasted Netanyahu for his handling of the new defense aid package from the United States. He said that due to Netanyahu’s poor relationship with US president Barack Obama, Israel would receive $3.8 billion in aid instead of 4.5 billion, and the aid will be conditioned on not asking Congress for several million dollars more Israel receives every year.

“The failure was known from the start and it is unforgivable,” Barak said. “What was in Netanyahu’s head? We knew the Iran deal was bad and signing it was a mistake, but any other prime minister would have handled things differently behind closed doors to minimize the damage to Israel.”

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