Jihadists Complain of Being Tortured in Palestinian Authority, Hamas Prisons

AP/Adel Hana

TEL AVIV — Palestinian Authority preventative security arrested a number of Islamic Jihad members in the area of Ramallah and subsequently tortured some of them during investigations, according to a report Wednesday in media belonging to the Islamic Jihad movement, which is backed by Iran.

Preventative security forces reportedly arrested Abdelrahma al-Wawi, a movement member active in trade unions, along with four others including Mujahaed al-Qam, who spent five years as a prisoner in Israel.

An author affiliated with the movement, Salam Abou Safieh, was also arrested, reportedly for his activism on behalf of Palestinian terrorists in prison. According to Islamic Jihad terrorist movement, Abou Safieh and other prisoners were tortured in Palestinian Authority detention facilities.

The Palestinian Authority isn’t the only entity accused of torturing prisoners. The parents of Salafists associated with Islamic State ideology imprisoned in Hamas facilities recently released a photo of a young Salafist man who they claim was tortured in prison.

An organized associated with the parents claimed the photo was taken at the intensive care unit of Shifa hospital where Salafist activist Bader al-Ghouti was taken after spending three months in Hamas facilities, where he was allegedly subjected to torture by Hamas.

The parents claimed that al-Ghouti was imprisoned in a facility run by public security forces under Hamas. Senior jihadist Abou Baker al-Maqdesi told Breitbart Jerusalem that al-Ghouti is in critical condition and deteriorated due to the torture. According to al-Maqdesi, hundreds of Salafists imprisoned in Hamas facilities suffer the same torture, “in addition to similar methods used in the prisons of terrorist and infidel regimes.”

Prisoners are taken each week for hospitalization at Shifa as a result of the torture, said al-Maqdesi, who added that the method of investigations proves that Hamas is trying to eliminate the prisoners, “while using torture methods that contradict the morals of Islam – the same Islam Hamas falsely claims to belong to.”

According to al-Maqdesi, Hamas is acting at the behest of Israeli and Egyptian intelligence in order to promote itself as fighting against terror, “to please the Jews and the Americans and their allies.”