Labour hasn't faced up to how it damaged Britain, reveals poll

Labour hasn't faced up to how it damaged Britain, reveals poll

A new YouGov poll for The Sun has revealed that a majority of Britons do not believe that the Labour Party has faced up to the damage it did to the British economy.

The poll, published yesterday, asked 1645 respondents: “Thinking about the Labour party, do you agree or disagree [that] Labour still haven’t faced up to the damage they did to the British economy?”.

While 18 percent tended to disagree, and with 10 percent ‘disagreeing strongly’, a majority of 59 percent agreed with the statement, revealed that the British public still hasn’t forgiven Labour for taking the UK into the worst financial crisis in living memory.

Thirty-three percent of people strongly agreed that Labour hasn’t faced up to the damage caused between its years in power (1997-2010), while 26 percent of people “tended to agree”. 

The poll also revealed that 55 percent of people agreed with the statement: “Given the scale of problems Britain faces, Labour’s leadership is out of its depth”, with just 30 percent disagreeing. 

Fifty percent of those polled said they disagreed with the statement: “The Labour Party has clear and worthwhile ideas for governing Britain”, with just 34 percent agreeing with the statement. 

Embarrassingly for Ed Miliband’s party, only nine percent of people strongly agreed that Labour has clear and worthwhile ideas, and only 28 percent of people who said their voting intention was Labour felt strongly about Labour’s ideas. 

The poll, which revealed a small Labour lead of 7 percent over the Conservative Party, will no doubt cause friction within the Labour Party ahead of May’s European Elections.  

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