Lord Tebbit: Coalition is Past Sell-By Date and Cameron Cannot Negotiate On Europe

Lord Tebbit: Coalition is Past Sell-By Date and Cameron Cannot Negotiate On Europe

Lord Tebbit, who was speaking at a meeting of the Bow Group think tank, told a packed Commons committee room that he did not want the Conservatives to enter coalition government and that the coalition was now “beginning to smell past its sell-by date.”

“The sooner the coalition is broken the better,” he said, to great applause.

Commenting on UKIP, Lord Tebbit warned that the party has to come first in the upcoming European elections in May, or “the bubble might burst.”

Presuming that UKIP continued to perform strongly, Lord Tebbit said he preferred “local deals” to keep out the opposition at the General election in 2015.

“I would prefer local deals on the basis that we don’t want a Labour, or Lib-Lab government.”

Tebbit also warned that the Conservative Party should not try and occupy the “horrible centre ground” of politics.

He also gave a stark warning against the “ruinous and dangerous path of multiculturalism.”

“Multiculturalism is the smashing of society,” he said. “You cannot have two or more clashing cultures – you get a voluntary apartheid system.”

Lord Tebbit warned that migrants to the UK must integrate.

Speaking on the European Union, Lord Tebbit said, “If [Cameron] thinks he’s going to negotiate away the commitment to an ever closer union – no he’s not.”

Tebbit closed as he opened, urging an immediate end to the coalition government, and describing the Liberal Democrats as “a horrible thing attached to our leg.”

Speaking exclusively to Breitbart London, he said that the Conservative Party Chairmanship is being incorrectly handled: “You can’t have two people doing the job for a start,” he commented.

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