Disgraced Former Conservative Councillor Will Pay Back Just £5 of £150,000 He Stole From Elderly Woman

Disgraced Former Conservative Councillor Will Pay Back Just £5 of £150,000 He Stole From Elderly Woman

A former Conservative Councillor has been made to pay back just £5 of the £154,000 he stole from an elderly woman who had Alzheimer’s disease. John Morgan, who served as a councillor on Vale of White Horse District Council, was sentenced to five years imprisonment last year after being found guilty of stealing from the Beryl Gittens.

The Oxford Mail reports that Morgan’s crime cost West Berkshire Council £76,000 that would have gone towards paying for Mrs Gittens’ care, and also deprived her son of a £71,000 inheritance.

Prosecutors had hoped to get both parties compensation by selling the home Morgan shared with his former wife, thought to be worth around £250,000.

However, the court heard yesterday that Morgan’s ex-wife had been awarded the house in divorce proceedings.

Prosecuting barrister Alan Blake said it was “with regret” that the Crown Prosecution Service would not contest the ruling, which has left John Morgan with no remaining assets.

Morgan will therefore only have to pay a nominal sum of five pounds, as he has no way of paying back any more.

Mrs Gittens’ son Roger, who lives in Perth, Australia, told the Oxford Mail: “There is nothing much we can do if that is the ruling, but it’s pretty rough. I feel so helpless, because I’m over here.

“I trusted that guy.  Thank God my mother is not alive.”

Mrs Gittens’ sister-in-law Audrey Pagett said: “That is not justice. That is disgusting. He’s had all my nephew’s money.

“I am just an old lady up a lane, but that does not seem right. I was determined to do something for my sister-in-law and now I do not feel I have achieved what I set out to do. Roger should have had something.

“She left all her money to Roger and he has not received anything. John Morgan spent it all.”

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