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Brit Jailed After Telling Girlfriend to Plunge Daughter's Head in Bucket of Water

Brit Jailed After Telling Girlfriend to Plunge Daughter's Head in Bucket of Water


A British man has been been jailed for nine years after telling his girlfriend to plunge her 21-month-old daughter’s head into a bucket of water, leading to the toddler’s death. 

Ammaz Qureshi was in London when he made a Skype call to his girlfriend, Yasmin Chaudhry, in Norway, telling her how to discipline her daughter Hunaina.

An Oslo court heard how Chaudhry twice dangled the child head first into the bucket of water. She was jailed for eight years for the death, the Guardian reports.

Chaudhry admitted to using harsh punishment methods on her daughter, who she said was a “difficult child”. She told the court that she sat her daughter naked in the shower and hosed her with cold water, slapped her face and buttocks, and even put tape over her mouth when she cried.

Other punishments included forcing the child to eat a teaspoon of chilli powder, strapping her in a chair and putting a sock in her mouth. She was also forced to sleep on the floor, leaving her sleep-deprived.

Chaudhry met Qureshi on Facebook in autumn 2009 through her brother, a schoolfriend of Qureshi, and they began an online relationship. Qureshi had beaten two of his wives and started giving bad childcare advice to Chaudhry, who blindly obeyed him as she desired to have authority in her life, the court heard.

The pair were convicted of manslaughter as it could not be proved they intended to kill the child.

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