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44 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Read the Huffington Post

44 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Read the Huffington Post

All the aspiring journalists I know have been thankful for the fact that the Huffington Post will basically publish anything. I know I was. But one article from yesterday by a man called ‘Yousef Dar’ who calls himself a ‘Community Activist’ takes this to new depths.

I know Mehdi Hasan, the Trojan Horse plot-denying, excuse-maker-in-chief is the Political ‘Director’ of HuffPo UK, but this error-ridden article is even beneath him. Firstly it makes no sense, but more importantly, just having looked over it once, I spotted no fewer than 44 typographical, spelling, grammatical and structural errors.

One or two blips is understandable, but since no one at the HuffPo wanted to subedit Mr. Dar, I’ve done it for them. I present to you… 44 reasons no one should read the Huffington Post

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