Polish Foreign Minister: 'Stupid' Cameron 'F**ked Up' in Europe, Renegotiation Impossible

Polish Foreign Minister: 'Stupid' Cameron 'F**ked Up' in Europe, Renegotiation Impossible

The “stupid” British prime minister “f**ked up” in the EU, according to the same Polish minister who was caught on a secret recording saying Poland’s ties with the US are “worthless bulls**t.”

After comments by Radoslaw Sikorsky on US-Polish ties were reported yesterday by Breitbart London a complete translation of the conversation has been published which show him bad-mouthing British prime minister David Cameron for his “incompetence in European affairs.”

In a translation published by the think tank Open Europe, Sikorsky is caught on tape saying to former finance minister Jacek Rostowsk:

“[Cameron] is not interested, he does not get it, he believes in the stupid propaganda, he stupidly tries to play the system… his whole strategy of feeding [his critics] scraps in order to satisfy them is just as I predicted, turning against him; he should have said, f*** off, tried to convince people and isolate [the sceptics]. But he ceded the field to those that are now embarrassing him.”

Up until now, Cameron has considered Sikorsky one of his allies in attempts to reform the EU, and was therefore was likely to support him as a possible next EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, in effect the EU’s foreign minister.

However, the secret recording shows Sikorsky agreeing with Rostowsk that Cameron’s reform attempts are badly thought out or are incompetent:

Rostowski: “[Cameron] thinks he’ll go renegotiate and come back, no Polish government could agree to it. Except in return for a mountain of gold.”

Sikorski: “It’s either a very badly thought through move, or, not for the first time a kind of incompetence in European affairs. Remember? He f***** up the fiscal pact. He f***** it up. Simple as that. He is not interested, he does not get it, he believes in the stupid propaganda…”

Rostowski: “For the Polish government to agree, someone will have to give us some mountain of gold. The Brits won’t give it to us, and the Germans, in order to keep the Brits on board, won’t give it to us either in all likelihood. So the answer will be: f*** off… [the impact of a Brexit] will generally be bad for us, because we would like for Great Britain to stay. I think it’ll be the case that [Cameron] will lose the elections. Great Britain will leave. Once they do, they’ll keep open borders. Not for [gypsy] beggars…”

Sikorski: “Just like Norway… Enough of this! They’ve f***** up Eastern Europe and a few other things. [Mimics a Brit] If Europe doesn’t reform, it’ll end badly! Let them worry about their economy. If they don’t re-organise themselves, they’ll have as bad an economy as Germany. What is that? What, how is that so monstrous?”

Commenting on the exchange, Open Europe notes that Rostowski assesses the prospects of Britain leaving the EU as highly likely, “and how resigned both he and Sikorski are to that outcome even while admitting that it would be bad for Poland.”

Both Rostowski and Sikorski are adamant that even in the event of a British exit from the EU, “the UK will not be able to block free movement if it wants to maintain access to the single market” – a key demand of many better off outers.