PM's Child Abuse Advisor Blames Westminster 'Chumocracy' For Cover Up

PM's Child Abuse Advisor Blames Westminster 'Chumocracy' For Cover Up

The Prime Minister’s child abuse advisor has claimed a powerful elite at Westminster “protected their own” over sex abuse for years. Claire Perry MP, who is also a government whip, blamed a “chumocracy” for the failure to properly investigate abuse of children, according to the Devizes Gazette and Herald.

Perry said that “otherness” was partly to blame for the time it took for action to be taken on allegations of child abuse.

She said: “Why has it taken so many years for allegations to be believed and action to be taken? Part of the problem can be traced, in my view, to the ‘chumocracy’ that for too long has been at the heart of the so-called Establishment, consisting of too many people with the same interests and the same out-of-touch sense of entitlement coming together to protect their own. 

“It is this sort of persistent ‘otherness’ that so many of us are determined to change, to make the system more representative, more real and more normal. Some may say we have not succeeded yet but we will keep on trying.”

The comments are particularly significant as Perry is an assistant whip and the files held in the whip’s office are thought to be critical to any prosecution. Inside the whip’s office in Parliament, there is a safe with a book inside containing gossip, rumours and allegations against every MP.

This book is regularly added to and also used to bully MPs into voting with their party during critical three-line whipped votes. One example of this was when an MP was threatened during the vote on the Maastricht Treaty that if he did not vote with the government the whips would call his wife and tell her he was a regular at the lap dancing club Stringfellows.

The book, which Perry is likely to have seen, would contain every rumour that the whips are aware of, including rumours about MPs being paedophiles. The police are therefore keen to get hold of it.

Perry’s allegations come just days after Breitbart London reported the Home Secretary in the early 1980s Leon Brittan failed to properly investigate claims of abuse. In an unrelated matter, he has also been question for rape himself. He later went on to become Vice President of the European Commission.