Miliband Will Lose Next Election Says Former Labour Minister

Miliband Will Lose Next Election Says Former Labour Minister

Charles Clarke, a former Home Secretary under Tony Blair has said that Ed Miliband who lose the next election as he has no “narrative”. He believes that the Conservatives will win an overall majority next year and that Miliband is a worse leader than the much-maligned Neil Kinnock.

Clarke said Ed Miliband is failing to appeal to voters because he has an “assembly of odd policies”. These include his policy to nationalise land that developers are not using, and to implement 1970s style rent controls.

As one of Labour’s most respected grandees Clarke’s comments are likely to do more harm to the floundering leadership of Mr Miliband.

The former Home Secretary told the Huffington Post: “I think the most likely outcome is a Tory overall majority. You’ve got to set out an overall account of what it is. And I don’t think we have an account and I think that’s Ed’s biggest challenge.

“[He has got to] Set out a clear statement of what Labour would actually do. Give people a reason to vote Labour. not an assembly of odd policies like the electricity freeze or whatever. [He] lacks an overall story.”

Clarke was Chief of Staff to Neil Kinnock when he was Labour leader in the 1987 and 1992 general elections. Kinnock had looked set to win in 1992 but lost it in a disastrous campaign that culminated in a US-style election rally in Sheffield that put British voters off.

Clarke said: “I think he has a problem with the population, undoubtedly. He is an intelligent man, he’d be a good prime minister. I don’t myself think he’s geeky. I think those are offensive-type descriptions. I don’t go along with all that stuff.”

He went on to attack Miliband for what he described as “ignorant and ill-informed statements” about the influx of Eastern European immigrants. A policy that had alienated large chunks of Labour’s bedrock working class voters under Blair’s premiership, but that Miliband has recently tried to distance himself from.

Miliband has always been seen as a poor choice for leader by Labour Party members, a majority of them did not vote for him in the leadership election and he was propelled to victory instead by Trade Union votes. He is also far more left-wing than Tony Blair. 

Many of the skilled political operatives that worked for the party under Blair are refusing to help him, opting instead to bank on his losing the next election and being replaced. His team is so weak that, as reported on Breitbart London, veteran Labour MP Tom Watson publicly called for them to be fired.