Muslim Mother-of-Six Facing Jail in UK for Encouraging Terrorism

Muslim Mother-of-Six Facing Jail in UK for Encouraging Terrorism

A British Muslim mother has been told to expect a “substantial” prison sentence after admitting posting messages on Facebook encouraging terrorism in Syria. The Daily Mail reports that Runa Khan, 34, admitted posting messages such as: “Sisters, if you love your sons, husbands and brothers, prove it by sending them to fight for Allah.”

She also posted an image of a suicide vest with a message reading: “Sacrifice your life to be in Islam”.

In September last year, she also sent a series of messages describing a route into Syria and saying which group in the country to join. Little did she know that she was actually sending the instructions to an undercover police officer, leading to her being arrested.

She has now pleaded guilty to four counts of disseminating terrorist publications, with Judge Peter Birts QC saying: “I’m sure you have been advised they are charges of the utmost gravitas that almost inevitably will be met by a substantial custodial sentence.”

The judge allowed Khan to wear a niqab in court after her barrister confirmed her identity.

Khan, who has six children, received details of the route into Syria from Mohammed Nahin Ahmed, who has previously admitted spending eight months fighting in Syria for the Al Qaeda-affiliate Al Nusra Front.

He and a childhood friend fled Britain last May after contacting Syrian extremists.