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UKIP Friends of Poland Urge More Fracking To Counter Russian Threat

UKIP Friends of Poland Urge More Fracking To Counter Russian Threat

The UKIP Friends of Poland group has written to the Prime Minister questioning the European Union’s readiness to put sanctions onto Russia. The chairman Przemek Skwirczynski, who is in favour of sanctions, is nonetheless concerned that countries reliant on Russian gas are ill-prepared for any trade war that might come about.

European Union leaders are struggling to come to any consensus about what to do in the face of Russian aggression in Ukraine. They have demanded that Vladimir Putin stop assisting rebels in Eastern Ukraine who are likely to have downed MH17 with anti-Aircraft missiles supplied by the Kremlin.

But despite national security concerns in Poland, the bigger risk to their future is a lack of cheap energy, something that fracking across the EU might mitigate. At present, their economy, along with the economies of a number of central and Eastern European states, is propped up by cheap gas imports from Russia.

As the Ukraine situation continues it looks likely that greater sanctions will be put on the importation of this gas, which could damage those economies, unless an alternative is found quickly. Unfortunately, a stumbling block for both Poland and the UK is that the European Union has shown itself to be anti-fracking in the past. 

Their solution is to suggest that we become less reliant on fossil fuel, something that is highly unlikely even in the medium term.


The full letter is below:

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