UK Schools Teaching Creationism to be Stripped of Taxpayer Funds, Govt Denies Banning Bible Stories

UK Schools Teaching Creationism to be Stripped of Taxpayer Funds, Govt Denies Banning Bible Stories

Nurseries are at a risk of being targeting by extremists in the same way the Trojan horse plot targeted schools, according to Britain’s new Education Secretary Nicky Morgan, who believes that the way to counter the threat is to teach toddlers “fundamental British values”.

Today’s Telegraph reports that Morgan intends to oblige local authorities to use new powers to strip nurseries of their funding if they are found to “promote extremist views”. She will also announce that toddlers should be taught “fundamental British values in an age-appropriate way” as part of a drive to protect children from religious radicals.

Any nursery that teaches creationism as scientific fact will be stripped of taxpayer funding. This is unlikely to apply to Christian nurseries as they tend to be more balanced. However large numbers of Muslim nurseries refuse to accept evolution. The rules will bring nurseries into line with schools. A government source stressed: “We are absolutely not saying, ‘You can’t teach Bible stories’.”

Ofsted, the education watchdog, will use the new guidelines in its inspections of nurseries. It has been criticised for its failure to notice the Trojan horse plot but has now promised it will take action against extremists.

As previously reported on Breitbart London the plot involved radical Muslims infiltrating the governing bodies of schools. Once in place they pressured teachers to teach a radical curriculum.

In some cases this involved calling for the “eradication” of homosexuality and claiming the murder of Drummer Lee Rigby was “staged”. When Ofsted inspected the schools concerned they fabricated lessons to give the impression they were teaching a much more varied curriculum than they actually were. This has led the Department for Education to issue new guidelines allowing for unscheduled inspections, so that schools cannot prepare fake lessons.

Whilst the new measures are likely to prove popular there are some questions about what the department defines as British values. Often education professionals emphasise concepts that are almost unrecognisable to traditionalists.  However using guidelines to eradicate extremist teaching will be welcomed by parents.