Former IDF Girl Invites reddit Users to Let Her 'Make Peace With her Mouth' for One Night

Former IDF Girl Invites reddit Users to Let Her 'Make Peace With her Mouth' for One Night

“Let me make some peace with my mouth,” writes reddit user amreeki on a forum called ‘Random Acts of Blowjob’, an area of the social network in which women can advertise their sexual availability. The 29-year-old Israeli Defense Forces veteran, who lives in the United States but is currently in Jerusalem, says she is “not a professional” but has “learned some skills over time.”

amreeki, whose complete identity is unknown, elaborates on her strategy for peace in the Middle East:

“I’m stressed, we are all stressed… normally I would go to the bar and make some poor decisions, but trying to avoid that. It’s not tel aviv but we can still have fun right? So I try here. Want to be selfless and make a man very happy. No drinks, no political bullshit, just me kneeling for an evening. That would make me feel good.”

According to other posts left on the social networking site, amreeki did not know her parents and was raised in Israel. She used DNA analysis from a company called ’23andme’ to discover that she is most likely of North African Arab descent. 

Regardless, she served in the IDF for eight years, describing it as “the best fighting force in the world.” Her views on Gaza are predictably sound: “I think Gaza is beyond saving at this point. West Bank sure could be ok, but Gaza all loves Hamas which will lead them into worse and worse conditions. A lot of times it has nothing to do with the conflict, just look at how they treat their own water supply.”

amreeki’s history on reddit is congruent and goes back over a year. Those familiar with reddit tell me it is highly unlikely to be fabricated. Her forum post prompted one commenter to write: “I’VE FOUND THE HOLY LAND.”

It is not known if anyone has yet managed to take her up on the offer, though user Kus-Rabak replied, “Hit me up, i’m in your area.”

Additional reporting by Jeremy Wilson

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