We Are Breitbart Meetup – Manchester, NH

1/25/2016 – Manchester, New Hampshire

Breitbart readers from the New Hampshire area gathered to speak with Breitbart News’ Michelle Fields about the 2016 presidential race and the bias of the mainstream media.

“It was so wonderful to have so many liberty-loving patriots together,” Fields said. “It was especially inspiring to see how much love Breitbart readers have for their country, and also how knowledgable they are about the issues facing our nation and the world.”

Fields spoke about her coverage of the 2016 election, the mainstream media, and liberal hypocrisy. She then took questions from the group.

One the patriots in attendance, Linda McGrath from Derry, New Hampshire, said that she’s hoping to work with the other Breitbart readers she met Monday night to make a difference.

“I wanted to meet the people who are Breitbart,” Derry said. “I knew that I would love the people that were here and I’m hoping that we can make a difference.”

Matthew Kalinowsky drove over an hour to attend the meetup after seeing a pop-up on Breitbart.com advertising for the event.

“I thought it would be a good opportunity to come out to meet other people who read Breitbart,” Kalinowsky said.

Another attendee summed up the New Hampshire meetup this way: “I got to meet a lot of like minded people who all seem to be worried about similar issues and want to see positive change in our country. I look forward to the next meetup.”



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