Live Loud for Liberty

The halls of our Capitol and history tells us a story of our Founding Fathers who committed their lives and sacrificed homes, reputations, careers, families, and even their lives fighting for our freedoms. They lived, loved and breathed a dream. A dream of hope for a future where the country they lived in and the laws of the land allowed for the freedoms of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. They anguished and sacrificed much as they birthed our founding documents and our Constitution.

For centuries we have lived the dream of our founding Father’s and enjoyed the rights and the freedoms that have been granted to us from our Constitution. As American’s we take for granted those freedoms that were gifted to us. The majority of us haven’t had to sacrifice anything or pay a price for the luxury of enjoying those freedoms. We live our lives day after day without educating ourselves or engaging our voices or our lives in the political process. We’ve even earned the name the “Silent Majority” because we haven’t been engaged. Oh yes we can sit in our lazy boys and yell at our TV’s when we see something that offends us or we know goes against our Constitutional rights. We’ve been brainwashed to think that it’s taboo to talk about religion or politics. We’ve been led to believe that one voice or vote can’t make a difference and after all we are too busy raising our families and are overwhelmed with keeping up with our own jobs and homes to engage in Beltway Politics.

We have men and women through the centuries that have gone to battle, leaving their homes and loved ones behind because they recognized that someone had to fight to keep the freedoms that we have in America. They used their lives and lived loud for liberty. They sacrificed, they fought in unimaginable circumstances, they ran onto beaches in Normandy, into Jungles in Viet Nam and Korea, Deserts in Kuwait and Iraq, the mountains of Afghanistan. Many of them poured out their blood on foreign soils sacrificing limbs and many even giving their lives. You can’t live any louder for liberty than sacrificing your life for the homeland you love and her freedoms.

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My son Marc Alan Lee was one of those brave warriors who defended our freedoms. On Aug 2, 2006 he lived loudly for liberty and made the choice to stand up in the direct line of fire that day to defend his buddies, to defend you, to defend me. His buddy Ryan had been severally injured and Marc stood in the direct line of fire to provide the cover to get the medic up to the roof top, then he did the same thing again so that the medic could get Ryan off of the roof and everyone else safely back to the base. When they returned to the base the chief came in and told them they just found 30 of the insurgents that just attacked them and asked if they were up to going back out. They had been in an intense firefight for two hours, in 115-120 temperatures, Marc’s weapon was the big gun the M-60 so he carried 150-180 lbs in addition to his own weight, and they had just seen a “brother” severally wounded, yet Marc looked his chief in the eye and said “Roger that, let’s go get’em.” They went back into Ramadi and had cleared several houses. As they entered the last house Marc would be in, they cleared the bottom and started to proceed up the steps. Marc took the lead and as they went up the steps they drew fire through a window and for the last and final time Marc made the choice to stand into the direct line of fire sacrificing his life so other’s could live. Marc lived loud for liberty and Marc gave his life so other’s could enjoy life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. His name meant Mighty Warrior and that he was.

Just like Marc had a choice to make, you are faced with that same choice today. Our country has been under attack, we are wounded and bleeding, we need a medic that can bring life back to this country that has been sucked out of us from those in the Whitehouse and Congress who chose not to follow our constitution our listen to “we the people.” We have candidates, who just like the medic, are willing to run into the line of fire risking their own life to bring life to another. We have men and women running for office who are willing to live loud for liberty and stand on our Constitution and represent us.

Marc willingly stood and covered the medic so he could do his work. Are you willing to stand to vote for these Constitutional Conservatives so they can get elected to Congress? I know many of you have been using your voices, your finances, your vote and your life to live loud for liberty, but the battles not over. When Marc and his teammates returned to the base they could have set back and sent someone else out but the battle wasn’t over. They had been informed that there were insurgents who had just attacked them still on the battlefield. In case you hadn’t noticed we have political insurgents in DC on the battlefield in the corridors of The Whitehouse and in the Halls of our Capitol. We need to inform other’s and we need to get rid of the political insurgents by handing them their pink slips in Nov. Will you live out loud for liberty, just like my son Marc did and say “Roger that let’s go get’em?”

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Marc willingly gave his life and his voice, he is in the Hall of Champions for those who “Lived Loud for Liberty.” I have picked up where Marc left off and I am using my voice and my life to Live Loud for Liberty, will you join with me today and commit to living your life to live loud for liberty? Start by educating your self and your family about our true history and it’s founding documents. Vote for Conservative Constitutional Candidates, prayerfully consider if you should run for office, become engaged.

You may not be required to be in the Hall of Champions for those who “Lived Loud for Liberty” but with the freedoms granted to you by our Founding documents you do have a responsibility to vote and hold our elected officials accountable. We owe it to the Marc Alan Lee’s of this world who gave their tomorrows so we could have our today. Don’t waste the sacrifice of all who have given their lives for our freedoms. Today, choose to Live Loud for Liberty.


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