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Red-Green Alliance Sponsors Astroturf 'Today, I Am A Muslim, Too' Campaign


The following information came from Tim Sumner of the new website Liberty Rocks and 911 Families for a Safe and Strong America. He’s done some great research looking into the sponsors of the ‘Today, I am a Muslim, too’ rally in New York to protest the entirely sensible Homeland Security Committee hearings on domestic radicalization of the American Muslim community.

Hardcore leftists were behind yesterday’s ‘Today, I am a Muslim, TOO’ rally in NYC. Who said so? They did, on video, before the rally and were caught on tape at it. At 2:45 in on this video you find among the leftist at yesterday’s rally. It is further evidence of the Red-Green Coalition, Leftists and Islamists working together here in America. But hey, we knew it all along.

[youtube Rp8LS-66fFE]

On the video promo (viewed a mere 88 times so far), the list streaks by in about two seconds beginning at 0:43 in.

[youtube coUADwaDhOM]

Funny thing, that list left out a main player, Elaine Brower of the Movement for a Democratic Society (MDS) where Bill Ayers is a central figure in the “Movement.” The following is from this morning’s New York Post: “Peter King himself is throwing gasoline on an already existing fire,” said Elaine Brower, a member of the Coalition to Stop Islamophobia. “This will result in killing too many people in the name of national security. How can an elected official justify such a witch hunt?”

Let’s see who’s behind this new Coalition to Stop Islamophobia–

whois search results:


Registrant Name:Elaine Brower

and on that web site is this list– a who’s who of the very bottom of anti-American leftist organizations in America:

  • International Socialist Organization
  • Movement for a Democratic Society
  • World Can’t Wait
  • International Jewish Anti-Zionist Newtork
  • Labor for Palestine
  • New York City Labor Against the War
  • American Muslims for Palestine
  • Delaware Valley Veterans for America
  • Socialist Party of New York City
  • CodePink
  • International Action Center
  • Peace Action New York State
  • Peace Action Staten Island
  • Iraq Veterans Against the War

The last group are hardcore antiwar activists, including former “Republican” candidate for Congress (NM-3) Adam Kokesh who lost in the primary, and mostly phony veterans.

Elaine Browser is connected to Bill Ayers through the Annenberg Foundation (via the Annenberg Public Policy Center) and ‘World Can’t Wait’: “Chicago IL – November 10, 2007. Bill Ayers was part of a “Resisting Endless War” panel with Elaine Brower and Tom Good (NLN Editor). The panel was part of the Movement for a Democratic Society (MDS) Convergence in Chicago.” (In addition, the Annenberg Public Policy Center’s did a Q&A on the Ground Zero Mosque issue that reads like a press release from the office of Imam Rauf.)

For more about Elaine Brower and her radicalism, look at her article, “Kicking Some Serious Ass In The Nation’s Capitol” on the World Can’t Wait website (and for that matter, check out her complete oeuvre). It features the following photograph; the filename is ‘Elaine-in-cage.’ We can assume pretty safely that the photo captures the author, dressed up like a Gitmo inmate. Classy.

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