Ronald Reagan's Soul: Still Point In A Turning World

I have been called politically incorrect before, several times in fact, but last week Young America’s Foundation President Ron Robinson hung it on me again. I am proud that he did and he did so with a grin. Coming from such a magnificently professorial man who acts like the proud Irishman that he is I take it as a badge of honor. My wife and I took a trip with some YAF folks and could not have had a better time and could not be prouder to associate with anyone more than this non-partisan group of patriots. It’s all about the values of President Reagan and how he lived them through thick and thin. It’s hard to argue with the values of the guy who won the Cold War, almost single-handedly, who restored American exceptionalism and patriotism, and who set a standard for our country that hasn’t but hopefully soon will be recreated.

One only has to watch the movie about “The Ranch” to realize the absolute greatness of the man. Executive Producer and Reagan Ranch Director Andrew Coffin has “nailed it” with this production. Ronald Reagan’s Ranch, Rancho del Cielo, defines the man and a trip there is a look into his heart. Young YAF leaders like Andrew and his wife Betsy, Nicole and Eric Hoplin, Jessica Jensen, Patrick Coyle, Kate Obenshain and others carry on his values imbued by the association; strong national defense, personal freedom, free enterprise, and traditional values. The very essence of the man is “The Ranch.” It is in fact an anchor point for a nation in crisis.

[youtube yvP63ETpjbM nolink]

But I digress! Ron Robinson labeled me as politically incorrect (with a broad grin!) because of remarks I made comparing President Jimmy Carter to President Obama. Of course my personal experience is as a career Soldier that served five Presidents. So let’s take a vote. All in favor of going to war with Jimmy the peanut farmer, or Barack the, uh, the, uh, organizer, yeah that’s it, the organizer, raise your hand. I think I’ll write a book called “Presidents For Whom You Would Send Your Kids to War! Multiple Choice!” For whom would you vote? Rather clear actually.

Rancho del Cielo is in fact Ronald Reagan’s soul. Four rooms, about 1300 square feet, no air, no heat except for the fireplace for which he personally cut the wood. He built the split rail fence, laid the rock patio, rode the fences, and fixed them. The home of Citizen Reagan, the home of a humble, honest and God fearing man; a man who had a “Rendezvous With Destiny.” Thank God for political incorrectness. When President Reagan implored the head man in the Soviet Union, “Mr. Gorbachev tear down this wall,” the American left wept. They called him foolish and reckless and said it was a politically incorrect thing to say. They quaked in fear of Soviet retaliation. So endeth the “cold war!”

Happy 100th Birthday, Mr. President. We were happy to celebrate it with your neighbors and friends in Balley Poreen, County Tipperary.

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