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What We Get For Aid To Israel


Just this once, I want to respond to the anti-Israel obsessed idiot who does nothing but troll the comments section with his/her nonsense.

From Bibi Netanyahu’s 5/23/2011 AIPAC speech:

“I know these are tough economic times. So I want to thank the president and Congress for providing Israel with vital assistance so that Israel can defend itself by itself. I want to thank you all for supporting the Iron Dome missile defense system. A few weeks ago, Hamas terrorists in Gaza fired eight rockets at our cities, at Ashkelon and Beer Sheva. Now, these rockets never reached their targets. Iron Dome intercepted them in midair. For the first time, a missile defense system worked in combat. That’s a precedent in military history. And I want to say thank you, America.”

This is a game changer, especially for our forces serving South Korea – who’s capital has been in range and in the cross-heirs of TONS of North Korean artillery for decades.

Bibi continued:

“America and Israel are cooperating in many other ways as well. We’re cooperating in science, in technology, in trade, in investment. It’s not only American companies that are investing in Israel. It’s Israeli companies investing in America. In the last decade, Israeli companies have invested more than $50 billion in the United States. One of those companies is investing just down the road in Richmond. It’s a company that is building a food factory. Now, here’s what it means – more business, more jobs, and, yes, more hummus. Well, it’s not just food we’re bringing to America. Take medicine. Israel is advancing cure for multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s, cancer. We’ve developed mechanical means to make paraplegics walk again. We’ve placed a tiny diagnostic camera inside a pill. I have not swallowed it, but I understand it’s quite effective. And you’ve just heard of this miraculous bandage developed by an Israeli company that has helped save Congresswoman Gabby Giffords’ life. And I wish Gabby, a great friend of Israel, “Refuah Shlema”, a happy, quick, speedy recovery.”

Also, from Dore Gold, Israel’s former ambassador to the UN in the Washington Examiner:

“Netanyahu argued at AIPAC that Israel has actually helped save the lives of Americans. Historically, he is absolutely correct to paint Israel’s strategic partnership this way. In August 1966, the Mossad succeeded in recruiting an Iraqi Air Force pilot who flew his MiG-21 to Israel. The intelligence on the MiG-21 was shared with Washington and would prove to be extremely valuable, considering the fact that the MiG-21 was the work-horse of the North Vietnamese Air Force in the years that followed. Israel supplied the Americans with many other Soviet weapons systems, from 130mm artillery to T-72 tanks. Gen. George Keegan, the former head of U.S. Air Force Intelligence, was quoted in the New York Times on March 9, 1986, saying that the intelligence the U.S. received from Israel could not have been obtained if the U.S. had “five CIAs.” Keegan went further: “The ability of the U.S. Air Force in particular, and the Army in general, to defend whatever position it has in NATO owes more to the Israeli intelligence input than it does to any single source of intelligence.”

Even after the Cold War, Israel continues to be a vital American strategic partner. In 2007, the U.S. ambassador to Israel revealed that Israeli technology was being used by the U.S. armed forces in Iraq to protect them from Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) that were responsible for most U.S. casualties in the Iraq War. In short, Israel was helping save American lives in Iraq. On March 15, 2007, the commander of EUCOM, Gen. Bantz Craddock, told the House Armed Services Committee that “in the Middle East, Israel is the U.S.’s closest ally that consistently and directly supports our interests.” During his AIPAC speech, Netanyahu disclosed: “Israel shares with America everything” that it knows about their common enemies, especially intelligence.”

I would like to add that, during the Cold War, it was the Israeli Defense Forces and the Mossad that thwarted the Soviet and Red Chinese efforts to take over the Middle East and Africa. The fact that the Communists were not able to take over these regions of the world was key to their ultimate defeat. The Israelis were able to survive and do this because of the extraordinary bravery and resilience of their citizens and the critical assistance extended to them by the great and generous citizens of the United States of America.

I want to ask the moron what price he would pay for victory in the Cold War, groundbreaking scientific achievements and vital experience in fighting the jihadist threat?

Show us how much sense you have.

I await my hate mail.

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