ATF Arrests Border Agent for Attempting to Arm Drug Cartels

ATF Arrests Border Agent for Attempting to Arm Drug Cartels

In El Paso, Texas, U.S. Border Patrol Agent Ricardo Montalvo has been arrested and charged with attempting to smuggle guns and ammunition into Mexico. More specifically, he’s been accused of trying to smuggle the weapons to the Mexican cartel. His girlfriend, Carla Gonzales-Ortiz, has been charged in the matter as well.

Montalvo and Gonzales-Ortiz are also accused of making a number of straw purchases of weapons between November 2010 and January 2011. Included in these were five Ak-47s, two .380 pistols, and a couple of .22 rifles. In other words, Montalvo and Gonzales-Ortiz made purchases similar to those which our DOJ and ATF allowed straw purchasers to make during Fast and Furious, only not on as a grand a scale.

The hypocrisy here is ripe. Montalvo and Gonzales-Ortiz are being charged for doing the exact the same thing Attorney General Eric Holder, Assistant A.G. Lanny Breuer, U.S. Attorney Dennis Burke, and ATF Supervisor William Newell not only allowed but actually encouraged others do in Fast and Furious. The difference, of course, is that Montalvo and Gonzales-Ortiz were only dealing with a few weapons while Holder, Breuer, Burke, and Newell were dealing with approximately 2,500.

Perhaps it sounds old fashioned, but what’s good for the goose on this one ought to be good for gander. If a small operation like the one Montalvo and Gonzales-Ortiz were allegedly involved in is worth prosecuting, isn’t an operation as big and well known as Fast and Furious worth prosecuting too?

Where are the charges against Holder, Breuer, Burke, or Newell? We’ve read the press release about the grand jury indictment of Montalvo and Gonzoles-Ortiz, but where is the press release about the grand jury indictment of Holder & Co.?

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