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German Government in Hot Water for Supporting Israel's Right to Exist

German Government in Hot Water for Supporting Israel's Right to Exist

Fresh reports out of Iran have found uranium enriched to grades higher than that needed for civilian use, leaving little doubt about the mullahs’ real intentions.

In that context, one would expect nothing but praise for the German government, which just delivered a submarine to Israel. Indeed, Defense Minister Ehud Barak declared to Der Spiegel that “the Germans can be proud to have reinforced Israel’s existence for many years to come,” and Prime Minister Netanyahu added that “Germany had just expressed how important Israel security is to its people and had just improved its capabilities to protect itself against any threats.”

But the sale drew the sharp criticism of both the German socialist and Green parties. The right-leaning government is being accused of actively participating in Israeli nuclear deterrence, and is being asked to justify its positions. Isn’t it curious that the same parties will not condemn Iran uranium enrichment, even though they are livid about the German civil nuclear program? Or that the socialist party will not speak out about human rights in Iran? It appears that when it comes to politics there is only one easy target everybody can agree on: Israel, and anyone who aids it.

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