U.S. Presbyterian Church Narrowly Remains on Israel's Side

U.S. Presbyterian Church Narrowly Remains on Israel's Side

The Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) has long been progressive, both politically and ideologically. From that church have come anti-gun pronouncements, pushes for homosexual-ordination, ordination of women, etc.

As indicated, very progressive.

The most recent action by the PC U.S.A. was a divesture consideration regarding all holdings in Israeli companies. Such divesting would be a way to show solidarity with people who have allegedly been treated unfairly by Israel throughout the years, i.e., Palestinians.  For example, “Presbyterians in favor of divestment [actually] said that their church could not in good conscience hold stock in companies that they said perpetuate an unjust occupation and undermine the search for peace between Israel and the Palestinians.”

Yet the push for divesture failed to win when the ballots were counted at the PC U.S.A.’s General Assembly on July 5. By a vote of 333 to 331, the narrowest of margins, the delegates at the assembly decided against divesting and instead issued “a resolution to encourage ‘positive investment’ in the occupied territories.”

Perhaps things were best stated by Arthur Shippee, a delegate from New England, who apparently opposed the divesture measure: “What divestment will achieve is this: We will add a whisper soon lost in the storm, but we will further the divisions in our church when we have our own serious problems to address, and we will precipitate divisions with the synagogues within our communities whom we work with frequently on a variety of issues. This will be perceived as picking on Israel, and how could it not?”