Obama Ignores Russian Plans for Naval Base in Cuba

Obama Ignores Russian Plans for Naval Base in Cuba

If things go as planned, Russia could soon have a naval base just over 90 miles away from the continental U.S. Our former Cold War foe has been in talks with Cuba for some time, and is now making it known that a deal between the two nations is closer to happening.

Russian Vice Admiral Viktor Chirkov says Russia is “studying the creation of points for assistance and technical maintenance” not only in Cuba, but in “the Republic of Seychelles and Vietnam” as well. In short, this means that while Obama continues to dismiss Russia as any real threat to American interests or American security, Russia is looking for ways to expand its Navy’s global reach.

It’s worth noting that if the base in Cuba does come to fruition, ships armed with Russian cruise missiles and more could sitting less than a hundred miles from our shore. Yet neither the Obama administration nor the Pentagon have expressed concern over the potential naval base. Instead, they’ve issued statements that sound somewhat supportive of Russia in this endeavor.  

Whether the base is built or not, this whole issue brings Gov. Romney’s comment from April back into focus: “[Russia is] our number one geopolitical foe.”