Chicago: One of US's Least Gun-Friendly Cities Now One of World's Deadliest

Chicago: One of US's Least Gun-Friendly Cities Now One of World's Deadliest

The city of Chicago is one of the least gun-friendly cities in America, if not the least gun-friendly altogether. The city went decades with an all-out handgun ban, which necessarily took away the option of using such guns for self-defense, until the Supreme Court found the ban unconstitutional in 2010 (via McDonald v. Chicago).

Yet two years after McDonald, Mayor Rahm Emanuel is still looking for ways to keep guns out of the hands of law-abiding citizens. His latest plan includes a gun registration/tax scheme for handguns and high-capacity mags that is destined to make both unaffordable. 

Therefore, it should come as little surprise that besides the title “one of the least gun-friendly cities in America,” Chicago has also been recognized as one of the most deadly cities in the world — so deadly, it’s already accepted as fact that there will be over 500 murders in the city this year alone.

Yet even as gun groups point out the connection between this violence and gun laws that guarantee only criminals will be in possession of a firearm, others, like author Edward McCelland, are quick to attribute the deadly aspects of the Windy City to “poverty.” But Chicago’s violence exceeds that of poorer third-world cities, like Mexico City and San Paolo.

It sounds like Chicago’s politicians will find any excuse to let their desire for control trump citizens’ need for defense.


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