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Palestinians Balance Pursuit of Statehood With Getting Obama Re-elected

Palestinians Balance Pursuit of Statehood With Getting Obama Re-elected


With Israel facing increasing threats and vitriolic outbursts from every corner, the peace process between the Jewish state and Palestine has come to a halt. To pursue a two state system and make peace where there is no peace, is simply to give up security.

But the Palestinians have not given up their bid for statehood. In fact, it appears they have decided to circumvent Israel altogether, and take their case to the UN in hopes of  receiving unilateral approval for statehood. 

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas is expected to request statehood in September, when he addresses the General Assembly. However, the AP is reporting that Abbas may wait until after the Nov. US elections to prevent “unwelcome complications to US-president Barack Obama’s re-election efforts.” 

A request for statehood in the UN has to make it beyond the General Assembly to the Security Council. There, one state can veto the Palestinian request and statehood is denied. 

Historically that one veto been the U.S., but I wonder if a re-elected Obama might feel obligated to pay the Palestinians back for their support should he be re-elected?

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