Iranian Envoy Travels to Syria to Meet with Assad and Blame U.S.

Iranian Envoy Travels to Syria to Meet with Assad and Blame U.S.

According to AP reports, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad just made his first television appearance in nearly three weeks. The appearance was designed to show “solidarity with an Iranian envoy,” and it comes as the U.S. is pressing all its allies to help the Syrian rebels oust Assad as soon as possible.

In a clear reference to the U.S., the Iranian official, Saeed Jalili, vowed that Iran will stand with Assad against “international enemies.” Jalili also reminded the world that Tehran holds the U.S. responsible for 48 Iranians who have been seized and are now being held captive by the Syrian rebels.

Yet perhaps the most ironic part of Jalili’s statement was his claim that “the abduction of innocent people could not be accepted by any rational person.” Upon reading Jalili’s words, a “rational person” probably thinks of how many Westerners Iran has seized or detained over the years, including the 52 Americans who were infamously seized in 1979 and held hostage for 444 days

Assad has the support of Russia, China, and now Iran. We can only hopes he abdicates before this gets ugly. 


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