Personnel on the Ground Say CIA Benghazi Scenario Doesn't Add Up

Personnel on the Ground Say CIA Benghazi Scenario Doesn't Add Up

People on the ground in Benghazi contradict the CIA’s account of the events of Sept 11, 2012.

Last week, as the CIA put forth its latest version of the attack narrative, the agency said the earliest calls for help from the consulate came in at 9:40pm on the 11th. But the security manager in charge of the small security force inside the consulate says he made calls for help at least an hour earlier than the CIA is claiming.

Using cell phones and two-way radios, the Blue Mountain Security manager grew “distraught” and put out calls alerting the CIA that there was “a problem.” 

People on the ground, both from the U.S. and Britain, say the CIA should have known there were problems long before 9:40 pm whether the security manager called them or not. They say that in the hours before the attacks, everyone could see that roadblocks were being set up to isolate the consulate for the then-pending attack.

The U.S. and British personnel who were on the ground in Benghazi on the night of the attack say the CIA’s scenario “doesn’t quite add up.”

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