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Israeli Children and PTSD: Long-Term Effects of Palestinian Terror

Israeli Children and PTSD: Long-Term Effects of Palestinian Terror

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) has long been a plague upon our soldiers returning from war, victims of violent crimes, and others who have experienced traumatic events in their lives.

A collection of white papers and studies have focused on the effects of Palestinian terror on Israeli children. Intentionally targeted by Hamas, children from the southern regions of Israel probably suffer the greatest emotional and mental damage from the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

As many left-of-center Western media outlets, including those in the US, focus on the deaths of Palestinian children who died from Israeli bombs, the deaths of Israeli children and the damage they suffer has largely been ignored.

The distinct differences between what Palestinian children and Israeli children suffer can be best outlined by the intention of their respective sides. Whereas Israeli children have had to live with being targets of Hamas, Palestinian children, by large, only suffer deaths from the conflict when their own fathers and leaders intentionally place them in danger. This is because Hamas leaders use children as human shields or place rocket sites near children in an effort to make Israel look like they are striking civilian targets. Israeli children suffer due to the intentional efforts of Hamas, while Israel does everything possible to avoid civilian casualties.

What are these long-term effects on Israeli children? Due to the engineering and manufacturing incompetency of Palestinian leadership, the vast majority of rockets Hamas has fired upon Israeli neighborhoods have failed to cause the deaths intended. But Israeli children, realizing they are being intentionally targeted for death by Palestinians, have been shown in study after study to suffer from long-term emotional and mental distress.

Many researchers have chosen to study the Israeli children of Sderot, Israel, along with Bosnian children. The two groups have significant factors in common, according to researchers.

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