Hamas Fires Rockets Without Warheads to Increase Range

Hamas Fires Rockets Without Warheads to Increase Range

Hamas is stripping some rockets of their warheads in order to increase range into Israel and cause more terror, according to Israelis on the receiving end.

Reports indicate that in some situations Hamas is trading the opportunity to do actual damage for the opportunity to create more havoc and mental anguish for Israelis.

According to an Israeli official: “Our assessment is that the prestige of setting of alarms deep in Israel, and being perceived as fighting on, is as important to them now as spilling our blood.”

The official said many of the rockets “reaching Tel Aviv and cities closer to Gaza were designed for much shorter ranges but had been shorn of their weighty warheads so that they flew further.” When asked to describe such rockets minus their warheads, the official said, “They’re pipes, basically.”

Of the more than 900 rockets that have been fired into Israel since Wednesday, the official said “not a few” have been fired without warheads.

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