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World View: Thousands of Egyptians Protest ‘Brotherhood Constitution’

World View: Thousands of Egyptians Protest ‘Brotherhood Constitution’

This morning’s key headlines from

  • Thousands of Egyptians protest the ‘Brotherhood Constitution’
  • Israel approves 3,000 new settlement homes on the West Bank
  • Bankster types take over the computer malware detection industry

Thousands of Egyptians protest the ‘Brotherhood Constitution’

Thousands of Egyptians streamed into Tahrir Square in Cairo, Egypt, onFriday to protest actions by the government of president MohamedMorsi. For several days, there have been protests over Morsi’sconstitution decree, ten days ago, giving himself dictatorial powers.But now there’s a second reason: Egypt’s Constituent Assembly,consisting mostly of members of the Muslim Brotherhood, of which Morsihimself is a former leader, has rushed a draft of the new Egyptianconstitution to completion. The new draft constitution, called byprotesters the “Brotherhood Constitution,” follows Islamic Sharia lawand contains some clauses restricting freedom of speech. Morsi claimsthat once the new constitution is approved by a national referendum inthe next couple of weeks, he’ll rescind his decree giving himselfdictatorial powers. LA Times and Al-Jazeera

Israel approves 3,000 new settlement homes on the West Bank

The Palestinian Authority is describing as a “slap in the face of theworld” a decision by Israel to approve the constitution of 3,000 newhomes in Jewish settlements in the West Bank. The announcement comesa day after the United Nations General Assembly overwhelming voted infavor of a resolution, strongly opposed by Israel and the UnitedStates, to recognize the state of Palestine as a non-member observerstate. Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas was extremelycritical of Israel’s decision, but also said that he will not filecomplaints accusing Israel of war crimes and crimes against humanityin the International Criminal Court (ICC). “We now have the right toappeal the ICC, but we are not going to do it now and will not do itexcept in the case of Israeli aggression,” he said. Jerusalem Post and AP

Bankster types take over the computer malware detection industry

When your home computer or your corporate network gets hacked, andsomeone steals your bank account information, it’s often because of a”zero day bug,” meaning an exposure that’s been in the Windowssoftware or other software for years. There are research groups thatattempt to find and identify these bugs. They then notify Microsoftor other software vendor, and the software vendor issues a patch forthe software that fixes the exposure. Or at least that’s the way itused to work. Now these research groups are keeping the informationprivate, and then selling it to corporate spies, foreign governments,or criminal enterprises. Companies like Vupen or NSS Labs, who are inthis business, may be small fry compared to the banksters who causedthe financial crisis by knowingly creating and selling trillions ofdollars in synthetic subprime mortgage backed securities, but they’rein the same category. Dark Reading

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