China, India, South Korea Form Partnership Excluding U.S.

China, India, South Korea Form Partnership Excluding U.S.

On November 20, during a summit meeting at Phnom Penh where President Obama intended to push a Trans-Pacific partnership excluding China, the tables were turned and China, India, Japan, South Korea, and others announced a partnership that excludes the U.S.

This new group is being formed by the Association of Southeast Asia Nations, and Barack Obama is persona non-grata. 

The Asia Times says of the news, “3 billion Asians becoming prosperous, while interest fades in the prospective contribution of 300 million Americans.” 

Obama had touted the Trans-Pacific Partnership as a great opportunity prior to his re-election. It was going to be a foreign policy coup of great proportions. As it turns out, however, China is throwing a party and Obama (and the rest of us) aren’t even invited.

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