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Islamists March to Keep Christians from Voting in Egypt

Islamists March to Keep Christians from Voting in Egypt


As the Islamist-drafted constitution was voted on in Egypt last week, Christians who “deeply opposed it” remained at home rather than risk their lives to cast a vote against it. 

By threatening and terrorizing those who rose up against Mohamed Morsi after Nov. 22nd, the Islamists have succeeded in securing a de facto disenfranchisement of Christians in southern Egypt.

Just over a week ago, nearly 50,000 Islamists marched through the city of Assuit and proclaimed that Egypt will be “Islamic, Islamic, despite the Christians.” The group was purposely led by men on horseback, swords at their side, with hair and dress looking very much like “the Muslims who conquered Christian Egypt in the 7th century.”

The Islamists deliberately marched through the Christian areas of the city, stirring as much fear and angst in the population as possible. 

Not surprisingly, with the Christian vote suppressed, Assuit emerged with one of “the strongest ‘yes’ votes” for the Islamist-drafted constitution. 

Also coming as no surprise was the fact the city had a voter turnout of only 28 percent. 

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