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Muslim Clerics in Kyrgyzstan Ban New Years Celebrations

Muslim Clerics in Kyrgyzstan Ban New Years Celebrations


Muslim Clerics in Kyrgyzstan have issued a fatwa, outlawing New Years celebrations in the predominantly Muslim country.

Ravshan Eratov, head of the Kyrgyz Muslim Religious Administration announced “This New Year is not a religious holiday. It is not related to Muslims at all.”

Some citizens disagree with the decision. “They think people will eat non-Muslim food, or go out to the street to light fireworks and cause harm to each other,” said Svetlana Ibrayeva, a teacher. “They see only bad things about the New year. But I think you can find a lot of good things about the New Year and make a very happy New Year celebration.”

However, others are more than willing to comply with the fatwa. “No, if they said it is not allowed according to Sharia then it is not allowed,” said 23-year old Ramil. “It is not even up for the discussion. If it’s the case, we’d better oblige the Sharia law,” he added.

New Year’s Eve was regarded as the biggest holiday of the year in the Soviet Union, of which Kyrgyzstan was a part.

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