Bandits in Syrian Opposition Behead Christian, Feed Him to Dogs

Bandits in Syrian Opposition Behead Christian, Feed Him to Dogs

As I wrote on Dec. 9, while Obama was taking a ‘wait and see’ approach to Syria insurgents, those affiliated with Al Qaeda flooded the ranks of the Syrian opposition. Even supporters of the Free Syrian Army describe these men as “bandits” — as “rogue elements” within the Free Syrian Army that carry out “atrocities.”

And now, the news has gotten even worse with reports that these “bandits” kidnapped and beheaded a Christian named Andrei Arbashe, allegedly because his brother had spoken negatively about them. 

Moreover, after they beheaded him they fed him to dogs.

This brings to light what Breitbart News has been warning about throughout the Obama administration’s increased funding for the Syrian Opposition and the Dec. 13th recognition of the Syrian Opposition as the legitimate authority in Syria — how can the Obama admin tell the Al Qaeda operatives and/or bandits from the true Syrian opposition? 

How do we know money isn’t going to those who wish to behead Christians and feed them to dogs?

When Sister Agnes-Mariam addressed the media on behalf of Arbashe’s family she raised these very concerns. Speaking critically of the U.S. and Britain she said: “The free and democratic world is supporting extremists [that] want to impose Sharia law and create an Islamic State in Syria.”