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Mexican Troops Kill 12 from Zetas Cartel

Mexican Troops Kill 12 from Zetas Cartel


Twelve more dead human beings’ dead bodies were added to the approximate 60,000 that have died in Mexico’s War since 2006. The recent deaths occurred in the Mexican interior state of Zacatecas.

The BBC reports that Mexican soldiers were open-fired upon after the soldiers had tried to stop suspicious vehicles. A 31-mile chase is reported to have then occurred before 12 of the people being pursued were shot dead in a gunfight with the soldiers. No soldiers were reported as killed. An unspecified number of others were arrested in the ordeal and their weapons were confiscated. Of the 12 dead, ten were men and two were women. The weapons confiscated were reported to include two grenade launchers. Agence France Presse reports an unnamed Mexican official as saying the death toll may be higher.

A local Mexican new source reports that the 12 killed were members of the Los Zetas cartel, who were once the armed faction of the Gulf cartel. 

The Wikipedia entry for the Los Zetas cartel accurately states:

Los Zetas is a powerful and violent criminal syndicate in Mexico, and is considered by the U.S. government to be the ‘most technologically advanced, sophisticated, and dangerous cartel operating in Mexico.’ The origins of Los Zetas date back to 1999, when commandos of the Mexican Army’s elite forces deserted their ranks and decided to work as the armed wing of the Gulf Cartel, a powerful drug trafficking organization. In February 2010, Los Zetas broke away from their former employer and formed their own criminal organization.

These deaths follow an earlier reported incident by the BBC where 18 drug-trafficking suspects were arrested by Mexican authorities. The arrested included 12 boys and a woman with a baby.

Earlier in December of 2012, Breitbart news reported 17 dismembered bodies were found near the US/Mexico border, in two separate locations.

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